In 1976, I sold a rather large painting to my then photography professor at university. It was 5′ x 7′ and it was about rain at night. I decided to revisit this idea and begin again with preliminary drawings and paintings in oil & graphite on paper in preparation for some larger paintings on Dibond. … Continue Reading

20 24 SILENCE_2411 WEB

Black / White / Hype – 20/24 Polaroid

Here is a sad story. It is incredible that we are still in this place. In 1990, graphic designer, Del Terrelonge asked me me to go to NYC with him and shoot a story for a book to be presented at an exhibition at Parson School of Design. We took our model from Toronto along … Continue Reading


Nebula Triptych

A new series of photographs printed 42″ x 62″, shot this past January 2017. There are 17 in the series and here is a Triptych of Nebula 2284, 2265 and 2338. See Portfolio I, Nebula. Save


Happy Marriages

I only just found this negative. I was sure it was lost, but it was hidden in with photos from another project. “Happy Marriages” was shot in Las Vegas in 1988 for a paper promo designed by Taylor Browning. Sadly, our dear friend Scott Taylor passed away the following year of lung cancer. This was … Continue Reading


Jet Pilot

Starts like fascination, ends up like a trance. “Party Girl”, Elvis Costello. In Trance.


1stdibs Opening Page

Thanks to the Curatorial Team who chose Twins Entwined for the Thanksgiving/Black Friday weekend in the opening rotation on 1stdibs.


Torino, 1949 or 1999?

In 1999, we made a trip to northern Italy to explore the Barolo region and the differences in the cuisine close to the French border. As always, shooting as we went along. On revisiting my Italy contact sheets, (yes, shot on film) I discovered a few shots that appear timeless and due to the lack … Continue Reading


Uccello V

One of the paintings I had started in April 2016 and left on the easel until I returned to the studio in August has just been framed and is off to a good home. There is nothing like a white shadow box to display work in. See More Uccello at the Oliver Gordon Gallery on … Continue Reading


Fuso Fig Tangle

Fuso is the Italian word for “melted”. It is also the root for for the words Confuso, which translated is “confusion” and also for Fuso Orario which means “time zones”. Each of these words mean a transition is happening. The transition is very present today. We are on the verge of incredible new things. Diesel … Continue Reading

Popsicle Purple

Purple Popsicle / Summer in Tuscany

A 24″ x 30″ Archival Pigment Print made its way a couple of weeks ago to a new home near Grossetto in Tuscany. Love this shot. Shot 4×5 so every little ice particle is sharp. There are more in the edition, here @1stdibs.