Fuso Fig Tangle

Fuso is the Italian word for “melted”. It is also the root for for the words Confuso, which translated is “confusion” and also for Fuso Orario which means “time zones”. Each of these words mean a transition is happening. The transition is very present today. We are on the verge of incredible new things. Diesel … Continue Reading



For 22 years, I had the esteemed pleasure of working in film, shooting and directing TV commercials. I met and worked with some of the best talent in the business. It was a honour. David Lean said that “Film was the last great collaborative art.” He was right. You are only as good as the … Continue Reading


Assignment / Archive

Assignment / Archive is not a new section as it was a link to my old website. Now, however, it is full of photographs shot while on assignment for various clients over the years.  There is also an award and client list along with a narrative of my years as a photographer / director and … Continue Reading

YP Taste Book Pg.1 WEB

Taste / Y/P Book

In the summer I had the pleasure of creating some photographs for our friends, Yabu Pushelberg. Each year they create a book once or twice depending on their schedule. Their second book was entitled, Taste. With stories and interests during their career, my series was to provide images for the idea of a “Shipwreck Soundtrack” … Continue Reading

Popsicle Purple

Purple Popsicle / Summer in Tuscany

A 24″ x 30″ Archival Pigment Print made its way a couple of weeks ago to a new home near Grossetto in Tuscany. Love this shot. Shot 4×5 so every little ice particle is sharp. There are more in the edition, here @1stdibs.


Avenue Road

As an addition to the presentation of the new furniture collection, “Heath and Oiseau” by Yabu Pushelberg, Avenue Road chose two “Weeds” photographs for the walls of the installation printed 42″ x 60″ and mounted between plexiglass with a clean edge. Installation photos can be seen on my Instagram page.


Treble in Abu Dhabi

I am pleased to announce that two of my “Treble” paintings have been sold to a large hospitality company in Abu Dhabi. Safe Travels. Just completed; 5 paintings on canvas from the Treble Series ranging in size from 48″ x 66″ to 78″ x 90″. The groups can be seen  In Work on Paper – … Continue Reading

Windage I

Windage I

Change is good.  Sometimes you are ready for it or sometimes not. I wasn’t ready. In hindsight, I think the universe was doing me a favour this time. The wind changed direction and we were to follow it. This is one of my first paintings I made after a very, very long break from that … Continue Reading


Liner Notes: Black White No.7

Probably one of the most interesting aspects of looking at a photograph for a photographer is also knowing the story behind it. It is like Horst’s Mainbocher Corset shot. The ribbon is untied, they haven’t started the commercial shoot for the Mainbocher Co., and the model has her arms up because she is wiping the … Continue Reading

Uccello_Picchio_3590 WEB

Uccello – Picchio

It is hard to believe that one little woodpecker (picchio in Italian) could decide that he had to get into our house by pecking into and through the hardest of woods, chestnut, in the lintel over our window. Anyway, he succeeded and fortunately he was discovered while working on the roof and given his/her freedom … Continue Reading