Black / White / Hype – 20/24 Polaroid


Here is a sad story. It is incredible that we are still in this place. In 1990, graphic designer, Del Terrelonge asked me me to go to NYC with him and shoot a story for a book to be presented at an exhibition at Parson School of Design. We took our model from Toronto along with David Goveia, our friend and hair and makeup stylist.  The story was about Impressions of African Americans Within American Culture. So Del had the idea to make our model, Michi, blacker and put her in front of a silenced Malcolm X, then make her whiter, which I did with light and finally to silence her voice with a sheet of plastic. These three photos seem to have a timely meaning 27 years later. Especially when we remember that Michi threw herself in front of the subway only a few years after our shoot. Every picture tells a story. Michi, in your memory, we think of how the world still yet needs to change. The other photos can be seen in Portraits.