Lock Down Sculptures

We were locked down in Italy for 65 Days as of March 10th. Bev could go food shopping with the right paperwork as she has an Italian Driver’s License. I had to stay at the house. There are outside activities to do, so fortunately we were not stuck in an apartment. So, I set more

Sottotitoli, Italian for Subtitles

Sottotitoli is Italian for subtitles. It makes sense to title this series in Italian as it was shot in Umbria with clay from Deruta. The home of extraordinary Italian pottery. Sottotitoli explain what is going on. They translate the dialogue. Which seems fitting as these were created as backgrounds for a still life idea. more

Buried Plastic

Motion is Lotion. You can find yourself sitting for extraordinary stretches in front of the computer, editing, retouching, posting. My solution is gardening. It seems like there is always something to rake. One morning after taking down four trees with 3 others and with one very large Lamborghini tractor, as I was clearing the mess, more

Solar Wind from the Lunar Series

The NASA website is one that I go to daily to see a new picture of the heavens. It is incredible. It inspired a series called Solar Wind as these new recordings have been released of the sounds made in space. Quite Incredible. more

Apsides – Big Watercolour

Experimenting with working with watercolour on a larger scale. ap·sis noun Astronomy plural noun: apsides either of two points on the orbit of a planet or satellite that are nearest to or furthest from the body around which it more

What of Climate and Privilege – A Measure

The is the beginning of a project on climate and privilege called “A Measure”. Read the news, Naomi Klein inspire this project when she was in a hospital, which was nearly empty, while a tornado raged outside. Yet she was taken into an operating room without hesitation. Where does this lead? Small watercolour test more

Shade Changes Shape…

Photographs become paintings or they become watercolours which are scanned and then become more

C, No. 1

C, No. 1 – The Fragmentation. Where does one begin? I have been photographing ripped posters and markings on walls in Italy for decades. I have also ripped torn posters off of their notice boards. They are incredible elements to build on and ultimately mirror the fragmentation in our society. Building on my idea of more

Luna Piccolo + Luna Legno

These are two of the 7 small sculptures made this summer while I was exploring working again in this medium. Luna Piccolo are made of wire, clay ( from Deruta ), spray painted and then mounted on 6 cm wood cubes. Also below are two sculptures, Luna Legno, which were created for B&W photographs more

Space Travel

A series of watercolours, paintings and sculptures musing over the idea of Space Travel. It is an exploration of the journey through space if you were to plot your destination into the star chart on your vessel. What is the shape that journey might take? And what planets might you miss when you take more

Luna II

Planets and constellations made with a chainsaw and more

Roses…@ Last

This is the third summer that I have photographed “Roses” from the garden of our friends in Umbria. This year I have a new direction for colour balancing these images. It is more Mannerist in style remembering the colours in Pontormo’s Annunciation in Santa Felicita, Firenze. The first year, I started in awe of more

Luna Series

For months I have been exploring sculpture as a component of my series, The Archaeology of Regret. The ‘Timelines’ I created are sculptures of what the future may find when it digs down through the earth in future centuries. I suspect they will find a lot of garbage. While I continue with ‘Regret’, I more

Deatil of Change Behaviour Photograph – Alchimia Films Inc.

This is a detail photograph from the “Change Behaviour” GEO LDN more

Geometry Global London – Reception Triptych

Last summer, I had a new and exciting project. I was asked by Geometry Global London to create 3 photographs/paintings for Reception and 3 for the Cafe in the renovation of their London Office – GEO LDN. What we created was a form of “branded fine art” where their company’s mission statement was visualized more


In 1976, I sold a rather large painting to my then photography professor at university. It was 5′ x 7′ and it was about rain at night. I decided to revisit this idea and begin again with preliminary drawings and paintings in oil & graphite on paper in preparation for some larger paintings. More – more

Alchimia Films Inc.

Alchimia Films Inc. has been our film company since we began directing and shooting TV commercials in 1991. When the business moved away from film, I focused back on my photography. And just when everyone thought they were a photographer, I started back with my drawing and painting. Always swim against the current. My more

Black / White / Hype – 20/24 Polaroid

Here is a sad story. It is incredible that we are still in this place. In 1990, graphic designer, Del Terrelonge asked me me to go to NYC with him and shoot a story for a book to be presented at an exhibition at Parson School of Design. We took our model from Toronto more

Nebula Triptych

A new series of photographs printed 42″ x 62″, shot this past January 2017. There are 17 in the series and here is a Triptych of Nebula 2284, 2265 and 2338. See Portfolio I, more

Happy Marriages

I only just found this negative. I was sure it was lost, but it was hidden in with photos from another project. “Happy Marriages” was shot in Las Vegas in 1988 for a paper promo designed by Taylor Browning. Sadly, our dear friend Scott Taylor passed away the following year of lung cancer. This more

Jet Pilot

Starts like fascination, ends up like a trance. “Party Girl”, more

Millennium Stamp Pablum / Canada Post 2000

Almost 17 years ago I had the pleasure of working on a stamp for Canada Post. Not just any stamp, it was one of the “Millennium Stamps” that commemorated the Canadian invention of Pablum in the previous century. I was asked by the designer, Mark Koudis, to shoot this little girl who lived across more

1stdibs Opening Page

Thanks to the Curatorial Team who chose Twins Entwined for the Thanksgiving/Black Friday weekend in the opening rotation more

Torino, 1949 or 1999?

In 1999, we made a trip to northern Italy to explore the Barolo region and the differences in the cuisine close to the French border. As always, shooting as we went along. On revisiting my Italy contact sheets, (yes, shot on film) I discovered a few shots that appear timeless and due to the more

Uccello V

One of the paintings I had started in April 2016 and left on the easel until I returned to the studio in August has just been framed and is off to a good home. There is nothing like a white shadow box to display work in. See More Uccello at the Oliver Gordon Gallery more

Fuso Fig Tangle

Fuso is the Italian word for “melted”. It is also the root for for the words Confuso, which translated is “confusion” and also for Fuso Orario which means “time zones”. Each of these words mean a transition is happening. The transition is very present today. We are on the verge of incredible new things. more


For 22 years, I had the esteemed pleasure of working in film, shooting and directing TV commercials. I met and worked with some of the best talent in the business. It was a honour. David Lean said that “Film was the last great collaborative art.” He was right. You are only as good as more

Assignment / Archive

Assignment / Archive is not a new section as it was a link to my old website. Now, however, it is full of photographs shot while on assignment for various clients over the years.  There is also an award and client list along with a narrative of my years as a photographer / director more

Taste / Y/P Book

In the summer I had the pleasure of creating some photographs for our friends, Yabu Pushelberg. Each year they create a book once or twice depending on their schedule. Their second book was entitled, Taste. With stories and interests during their career, my series was to provide images for the idea of a “Shipwreck Soundtrack” more

Purple Popsicle / Summer in Tuscany

A 24″ x 30″ Archival Pigment Print made its way a couple of weeks ago to a new home near Grossetto in Tuscany. Love this shot. Shot 4×5 so every little ice particle is sharp. There are more in the edition, more

Avenue Road

As an addition to the presentation of the new furniture collection, “Heath and Oiseau” by Yabu Pushelberg, Avenue Road chose two “Weeds” photographs for the walls of the installation printed 42″ x 60″ and mounted between plexiglass with a clean edge. Installation photos can be seen on my more

Treble in Abu Dhabi

I am pleased to announce that two of my “Treble” paintings have been sold to a large hospitality company in Abu Dhabi. Safe Travels. Just completed; 5 paintings on canvas from the Treble Series ranging in size from 48″ x 66″ to 78″ x 90″. The groups can be seen  In Work on Paper – more

Windage I

Change is good.  Sometimes you are ready for it or sometimes not. I wasn’t ready. In hindsight, I think the universe was doing me a favour this time. The wind changed direction and we were to follow it. This is one of my first paintings I made after a very, very long break from more

Liner Notes: Black White No.7

Probably one of the most interesting aspects of looking at a photograph for a photographer is also knowing the story behind it. It is like Horst’s Mainbocher Corset shot. The ribbon is untied, they haven’t started the commercial shoot for the Mainbocher Co., and the model has her arms up because she is wiping more

Uccello – Picchio

It is hard to believe that one little woodpecker (picchio in Italian) could decide that he had to get into our house by pecking into and through the hardest of woods, chestnut, in the lintel over our window. Anyway, he succeeded and fortunately he was discovered while working on the roof and given his/her more

Withered Fig

Not that I am consumed with death, but it is extraordinarily beautiful the shapes and textures from these huge fig leaves that wither away at the end of their season. Here is a small series of still life photos on a very old table that we have in our home. See under Portfolio I, more

Yabu Pushelberg / 1stdibs Saturday Shoppers

Our dear friends, George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg are this week’s Saturday Shoppers on 1stdibs. They are intergalactic in their talent and level of taste. Want to make the right choice? Follow their lead. Here they chose one of my photos, “Twins Entwined” that they have had in their personal collection since it was more


Now you can find my work on 1stdibs with the Oliver Gordon Gallery. Follow us more

SX 70’s

Just finished scanning all my SX 70 Polaroids from a one man show I had a very long time ago. Fun to revisit them. Here they are… SX more

Assistants: Can’t Thank Them Enough

We have been extraordinarily lucky to have had some of the best assistants one could ever find. I was incredibly lucky to have my wife, Beverly – an art history graduate, help me and she still continues to. The assistants that I have had are now family and I want to thank them each more

Ends Up Like a Trance

The process of creating a photograph can yield some pretty amazing images on their own. You stay focused on what it is you are looking for, while all along there are some images that are pretty extraordinary that are just discarded or forgotten. With that in mind, I am starting at one end of more

Nebbia / Fog

“Nebbia” is the Italian word for Fog. In my archive from 1991 – 1994 are a group of 4 x 5 Polaroids that I keep while we were creating backgrounds to merge with other images. They were interesting on their own. Now, years later, I have merged them with each other to create a more

Look Back

After all the years of shooting where you just keep moving on to the next project, I thought it might be time to look through the archive. To see if there were things that I shot that I wasn’t even aware of at the time of their value. Time to revisit the contacts, the more