Buried Plastic


Motion is Lotion.

You can find yourself sitting for extraordinary stretches in front of the computer, editing, retouching, posting. My solution is gardening. It seems like there is always something to rake.
One morning after taking down four trees with 3 others and with one very large Lamborghini tractor, as I was clearing the mess, I unearthed an old piece of buried plastic. It was stained, cracking, folded but it was an amazing gift for my efforts.

I have made it my responsibility to collect and recycle any plastic I find in the countryside. This is doing my part to make this a cleaner planet and to retain the beauty of Umbria. And the good part is this series of large photographs that followed finding that buried plastic. These photos follow that line where photography begins to become painting.

Interestingly, I saved this piece of plastic outside, but a tempesta –┬ástorm in Italian – came up and blew it away.
I am sure it hasn’t gone too far.