Corso: Something to Grab Onto


Where we live is called “Casa Glicine” or “Wisteria House”. Our house has three gazebos covered with beautiful wisteria. Two are lavender and one is pink. All three have incredible fragrances. The pink one has been guessed to be over 150 years old. No one knows how old the house is, but anyone at city hall says, “Wow, that is an old address.”

This pink wisteria is massive. It is over 650 square feet and when it flowers, it is ‘purple rain’. The light in the colour of its flowers and its fragrance are divine.

And when the petals fall and the leaves form, the wisteria sends out little arms to reach out onto something it can grow towards. These need constant trimming or they will grow and quickly, firmly attach to whatever they can find.

These little arms create shapes, lines from nature that I would never think to draw. It is the perfect metaphor; as they reach, searching for something to hold onto. When they find it, they grasp it and hold on tight, as do we. A a path to follow, a “Corso”.