Millennium Stamp Pablum / Canada Post 2000


Almost 17 years ago I had the pleasure of working on a stamp for Canada Post. Not just any stamp, it was one of the “Millennium Stamps” that commemorated the Canadian invention of Pablum in the previous century. I was asked by the designer, Mark Koudis, to shoot this little girl who lived across the street from he and his wife, Joyce Nesnadny. This was the second stamp I had done for Mark. The Government of Canada was so pleased with the results, The National Portrait Gallery asked me to use the portrait as a banner outside the museum in Ottawa. Well, we learned that Canada Post and the Museums didn’t get along, but I still said, yes. It is a portrait of a Canadian, so why wouldn’t you let them use it. I know I wouldn’t recognize this young girl if I saw her today. If you are this girl, please send an email and I hope all is well. – She has since contacted me. Her name is Claire.  I am excited that we are to meet soon.