Twins Entwined

Twins Alter Ego

TWINS W 2020 C jpg

Twins Bubbles

Twins Under Chair

Twins-Tubes I

Twins Tubes Knees

Twins Tubes DIPTYCH W 2020

Twins Turban Cover Nose

Twins No Shirt I

Twins Horizontal W 2020

The Twins: A close friend had said, you must photograph my two friends, Mark and Ian. They are identical twins.
It had this absurd idea that I might show their genetic bond using the childhood game of stringing chewing gum between their noses. That shot didn’t really work, but in preparation, I had given each of them the exact same amount of bubble gum to chew it and soften it for the shot. They stood there, chewing identically and without discussion blew the exact same size bubble at the exact same time. If these two weren’t connected, nobody was. It was just wild to experience. The bubbles they blew were exactly the same size, then one popped. I made them freeze. It was their identicality and individualism all in a single shot.
We continued to shoot using hardware items as clothes. The turbans were braided wire used for grounding buildings from a lightning stormĀ  and the black tubes were pipe insulation. The success was thanks to my friend Todd for bring these two very willing artists into my studio back in 1991. Mark and Ian went on to model for others and to shoot with a Canadian supermodel for a Vogue spread a few years later.