NC 22_4965 WEB

NC 25 No.2 WEB

NC 22_8855 W

NC 24 No.1 WEB

NC 22 No.2b W

C_N1_5393 W

C_N2 W

NC 22 No.3b W

C_NC_23_8135 W

C_N2 W

C 2021_8612 WEB

C_3138 I W

C 2021_8698 Wjpg

C 2021_8696 W

C 2022_8713 W

C 2021_8656 WEB

C 2021_8452 WEB

C 2021_8618 WEB

C 2021_8631 WEB

C 2021_8602 WEB

C 2021_8630 WEB

C is for Coil, Copper, Circle and Collage. It is an exploration of line making through graphite, watercolour, wire, shadow and photography.