Stapling Colour Together


Colour Field Peace

Photography has left the building. It seems, for a long time now that everyone is a photographer and has a better camera than I do.

Why would anyone buy a print when they can steal it off of the internet, shoot it on their iPhone, print it and hang it on their wall. Pastiche…effect…what’s the point?

Therefore, I am currently searching for a colour field concept / technique where I can create one of a kind drawings / paintings and let this be my art.

A quiet preacefullness to sit and stare at without any pressure to judge the world, what we have done to it, each other or all of humanity. It is only that gaze at a sunset, the Milky Way, a flower or a whole field of flowers.

It scares the shit out of me what AI is doing, but that is another post, because Photoshop, Premier Pro, scanners are all part of my daily work.

The image below is from “Piano, Piano” in “Works on Paper” .