Liner Notes: Black White No.7


Probably one of the most interesting aspects of looking at a photograph for a photographer is also knowing the story behind it. It is like Horst’s Mainbocher Corset shot. The ribbon is untied, they haven’t started the commercial shoot for the Mainbocher Co., and the model has her arms up because she is wiping the tears from her eyes. The year is 1939 and Paris is about to be occupied by the Nazis. She knew that she would never see Horst again and that their lives would be changed permanently. Thankfully there is not a war in my story, but these are portraits of my dear friend Sandra Marquis, a special Jamaican girl who I had the honour of coming to know working with her as a wardrobe stylist on many print and commercial shoots I had done over the years. There are special people you meet in life, angels right in your midst, she is one of them. And her husband David loves her very much for good reason. I had this idea, she was game and she knew how to create graphic images. David, an artist and painter, knew the same. It is like Quincy Jones said, put all the best people in the room and wait for God to walk through it. That’s what happened that day. 11 portraits in a few hours created some of the most treasured photographs I may ever create. I’ve never scared myself so much as when I printed these photographs (Polaroid Type 55 Pos./Neg. Film). I thought I blew it, but dry down adds 7-10% darkness and selenium toned adds another 7-10%, so when they dried, David was gone and only his embrace and love for his wife remained. Thank you Sandra and David. I will treasure these photographs, the pleasure has been all mine. All 11 portraits are in Portfolio I, Black White.