Uccello – Picchio


It is hard to believe that one little woodpecker (picchio in Italian) could decide that he had to get into our house by pecking into and through the hardest of woods, chestnut, in the lintel over our window. Anyway, he succeeded and fortunately he was discovered while working on the roof and given his/her freedom through an open window. I thought it interesting to begin a series of paint/drawings on Arches paper 100 x 130 cm working in oil paint and graphite based on the idea that there are some things in life that we convince ourselves that we can’t live or can’t be without. No matter what the effort needed to attain this, you decide that you have to do this thing. Only to find that it is not what you want at all. It imprisons you. Now you are in a place, a room where there is no reason to be and it takes an outside event to get you freed. A thought around which this series of paintings were created. See Uccello in Works on Paper.