Continuing with the series on collage, these new images are flat field compositions. They are exercise in commitment and doing the unexpected.

During The Lockdown

What to do when you can’t leave the property? Now that we are almost free, I can look back at the photographs I created while we were required to remain at home. Making due with whatever you can find. And making something you are proud of.


Animating a Scream

With the change happening in the presentation of new media, I am taking pleasure in animating my photographs, with the help from Christina Humphries @ Rooster Post. It has been a big learing curve working in Premier Pro. Which is why I am very fortunate to be able to turn to Christina for motion in After Effects. More to come, more fun to be had.

To see the new GIF’s, please go to Twitter.


Alizarin in Crimson

Alizarin crimson is is one of the best reds. It was used in ancient Egypt, Persia and Pompeii to dye clothes. The lines that form a human shape are the ones we most relate to. An ongoing series….

Corso: Something to Grab Onto

Where we live is called “Casa Glicine” or “Wisteria House”. Our house has three gazebos covered with beautiful wisteria. Two are lavender and one is pink. All three have incredible fragrances. The pink one has been guessed to be over 150 years old. No one knows how old the house is, but anyone at city hall says, “Wow, that is an old address.”

This pink wisteria is massive. It is over 650 square feet and when it flowers, it is ‘purple rain’. The light in the colour of its flowers and its fragrance are divine.

And when the petals fall and the leaves form, the wisteria sends out little arms to reach out onto something it can grow towards. These need constant trimming or they will grow and quickly, firmly attach to whatever they can find.

These little arms create shapes, lines from nature that I would never think to draw. It is the perfect metaphor; as they reach, searching for something to hold onto. When they find it, they grasp it and hold on tight, as do we. A a path to follow, a “Corso”.

Lock Down Sculptures

We were locked down in Italy for 65 Days as of March 10th. Bev could go food shopping with the right paperwork as she has an Italian Driver’s License. I had to stay at the house. There are outside activities to do, so fortunately we were not stuck in an apartment. So, I set my mind to my sculpture. I have another 40-50 to complete when we return.
We all have our way of staying sane. This was mine. Thinking of other worlds made from the natural world around me.

Sottotitoli, Italian for Subtitles

Sottotitoli is Italian for subtitles. It makes sense to title this series in Italian as it was shot in Umbria with clay from Deruta. The home of extraordinary Italian pottery.
Sottotitoli explain what is going on. They translate the dialogue. Which seems fitting as these were created as backgrounds for a still life idea. Ideas evolve, because in the morning light, the lines, shapes, shadows from the randomness of their drying created these heavenly images. I am going to print these photographs and use them as backgrounds in collage shadow boxes with planets, solar systems and whatever else seems to make no sense at all.

Buried Plastic

Motion is Lotion.

You can find yourself sitting for extraordinary stretches in front of the computer, editing, retouching, posting. My solution is gardening. It seems like there is always something to rake.
One morning after taking down four trees with 3 others and with one very large Lamborghini tractor, as I was clearing the mess, I unearthed an old piece of buried plastic. It was stained, cracking, folded but it was an amazing gift for my efforts.

I have made it my responsibility to collect and recycle any plastic I find in the countryside. This is doing my part to make this a cleaner planet and to retain the beauty of Umbria. And the good part is this series of large photographs that followed finding that buried plastic. These photos follow that line where photography begins to become painting.

Interestingly, I saved this piece of plastic outside, but a tempesta –┬ástorm in Italian – came up and blew it away.
I am sure it hasn’t gone too far.


Solar Wind from the Lunar Series

The NASA website is one that I go to daily to see a new picture of the heavens. It is incredible. It inspired a series called Solar Wind as these new recordings have been released of the sounds made in space. Quite Incredible.



Apsides – Big Watercolour

Experimenting with working with watercolour on a larger scale.



plural noun: apsides
  1. either of two points on the orbit of a planet or satellite that are nearest to or furthest from the body around which it moves.